We offer a variety of intravenous nutritional infusions depending on your individualized needs. With modern lifestyles, most people are deficient in vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients the body depends on for maintaining health and vitality, which can lead to a cascade of impaired biological function that further depletes nutrients in a vicious cycle. Unfortunately, in severe cases, oral supplementation will be ineffective. Intravenous infusion allows the body to replenish depleted nutrients such as magnesium, B vitamins, Vitamin C, calcium and amino acids quickly and effectively on a cellular level, often leading to immediate improvement and rejuvenation. Whether you are simply dehydrated, have a chronic or acute illness, want to feel your absolute best, or would like to perform optimally at your next event, an IV is the quickest and most effective way to deliver the nutrients your body needs. Benefits include, but are not limited to: increased energy, increased nutrient absorption, enhanced healing, detoxification, reduced inflammation, and so much more!

Infusions offered:

  • Amino Acids
  • Chelation
  • Glutathione
  • High Dose Vitamin C
  • Custom Hydration
  • Myer’s Cocktail
  • Advanced Myer’s Cocktail
  • NAD Infusion
  • Regenalyn Immune Booster
  • Methylene Blue
  • … And more!