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O3 Plus, an Ozone Therapy Clinic

O3 Plus, LLC, was formed in February 2014 to be a catalyst for increased knowledge and awareness about Medical Ozone and its uses in health, wellness, and research. The founding doctor in O3 Plus, LLC, is Francis W. Mueller, MD, (“Dr. Frank”) who has been practicing family medicine in San Antonio since 1986.

In January 2016, Dr. Frank, along with Kimberly Engelman, RNC, FNP-BC, opened O3 Plus Texas, an ozone therapy clinic, for the treatment of autoimmune, viral and other infectious diseases. He and his team of professionals are excited to be able to bring the healing attributes of ozone therapy to South Texas. His vision is to spearhead further research and acceptance of ozone therapy in mainstream American medicine.

What is the “Plus”?

At O3 Plus, we offer more than ozone therapy: we treat patients holistically. Other wellness therapies are available to our patients such as IV chelation, IV vitamins, and wellness supplements.