How efficiently are you producing energy?

Whether you want to reduce your rate of aging, optimize your health, perform at your peak, reduce your risk of disease, lose weight or just feel better, producing energy efficiently and optimally is a must! Bio-Energy Testing (BET) is an innovative medical diagnostic tool that measures how well you are able to produce energy, burn fat and more! As we breath in oxygen, which saturates our blood and circulates throughout our bodies, the mitochondria within our cells utilizes that oxygen to burn either fat or glucose. The resulting products of that reaction, know as cellular respiration, are Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is the energy molecule our bodies can utilize, water and carbon dioxide. BET uses pulmonary analysis to measure the oxygen consumed as well as the carbon dioxide produced in order to measure how efficiently you are producing ATP, and thus how efficient your mitochondria are functioning.

How can BET help you reverse Aging?

Aging is medically defined as a decrease in the ability of the body to function efficiently. But how does this occur in the first place? The answer lies in your mitochondria. If your mitochondria are not able to utilize oxygen properly, they function less efficiently and are thus unable to produce energy maximally. Therefore, decreased energy is not the result of aging and disease, but rather the cause of it. This radical new model is known as the Energy-Deficit Theory of Aging, and is a result of decades of clinical observation by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, creator of the Bio-Energy Test. It has long been scientifically discovered that decreased mitochondrial dysfunction results in increased oxidative damage, coronary heart disease, and neurodegeneration. In addition, decreased energy production is the underlying cause of the following mechanisms of existing Theories of Aging:

  • decreased effectiveness of the telomerase enzyme, which repairs genetic damage
  • decreased function of antioxidant enzymes which repairs free-radical tissue damage
  • decreased receptor sensitivity and hormonal production
  • mitochondrial decay, which is irreversible, and long preceded by decreased energy production (reversible)

“The extent that an individual can maintain optimum energy production as he or she grows older, that person will not age” (Shallenberger 53). This is the exact importance of Bio-Energy Testing. By evaluating your ability to produce energy, and thus your mitochondrial efficiency, you will be better equipped to not only reverse your rate of aging, but prevent disease, degradation and dysfunction.

How can BET optimize your athletic performance?

Your aerobic capacity is the maximum amount of energy you are able to produce from oxygen. Once you reach this limit, known as the anaerobic threshold, your body is designed to produce energy without the presence of oxygen. This biological design is, however, reserved for emergent situations. Prolonged exercise beyond this threshold will result in:

  • free-radical damage to cells, tissue and DNA
  • adrenal impairment
  • increase lactic-acid accumulation in tissue, 18x higher than aerobic metabolism
  • chronic fatigue
  • fibromyalgia

If you prioritize physical activity, good for you! But without knowing your heart rate in which you switch to anaerobic metabolism, or ATR, your efforts may actually be degrading your health more than promoting it. Additionally, BET can tell you at what heart rate you are burning fat maximally, known as your FBR. This range, between your FBR and ATR, defines your individualized Optimum Exercise Zone, vital information that can be used to outline your workout routines, Interval Training and Circuit Training. By exercising in this zone, you are conditioning your mitochondria to optimize energy production and weight loss.

What else can BET tell you?

  • Your maximum energy production from oxygen, or aerobic capacity
  • Your energy production at rest, or resting metabolism
  • Your energy production from fat at rest, or how much fat you’re burning at rest
  • Your maximum energy production from fat during exercise
  • Your muscles ability to convert energy into strength
  • Your optimum carbohydrate intake
  • Your optimum daily caloric intake for maintenance
  • Your optimum daily caloric intake for wight loss
  • … AND MORE!

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  • The test takes about an hour
  • You must be fasting. Nothing other than plenty of water and prescribed medications
  • No supplements, coffee, food or exercise prior to testing
  • There is a resting portion and an exercise portion. Dress comfortably. You will be on a stationary exercise bicycle.

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